Antonello Indorato

Artist Statement:


I am a surrealist painter, in the realist tradition. As a visual artist I am drawn to beauty, love, pain and sorrow. My painting is born of emotional and creative acts of revolt, as well as efforts to liberate imagination. Paintings influence our mood, our attitude, and our feelings as we share the room with them. A painting’s “presence” is far more than a mere rendition of a scene. It contains the feelings about that scene, that person, that situation, that the artist wants the viewer to feel and be aware of as they live with the work. I believe that the most successful works of art have such a presence about them. Finally, to me painting is an introspective trip. My continuing challenge is to discover myself in all possible ways, to expose one’s imagination, to share dreams with others, and to achieve self actualization.


Filmmaking is a laborious process by which a nebulous idea is transformed into a visual medium. I consider my work in film as part of an avante-guard movement that liberates our minds and allows us to attain a different form ultimately “truer” than everyday reality.  Surrealists believe that this more truthful reality can bring about personal, cultural, and social revolution. My work is influenced by the many environments and people that I have experienced throughout my life. The finished work, while an important part of the Surrealist process, is merely a souvenir of a vastly more critical journey, interesting only in so far as it is revelatory of that adventure.








Contact Information:

(585) 957-2057